hello friends, comrades and kin!

thanks for coming to my website and clicking on the musings link… you made it this far into the website and my big ol’ mug didnt scare you off. great! i’ll be writing here from time to time to keep you all up-to-date on where my music is going, and how i’ve been spending my time with creativity.

i’ve started to record an album.

i’ve got about 13 songs now tracked, and mixed in their barebone states.

i’m having fun tinkering with them… and time will tell when they’ll be ready for your listening pleasures.

some recording locations for those interested in detail:

  • a little house in the village of Haliburton, ON (kitchen).
  • the apartment i have the pleasure sharing with my wonderful friend, companion and love Amy; in the west end of Toronto, ON. (mini studio/office).
  • a cottage on Picton Bay in Picton, ON.

i’m having fun woodshedding folks.

that’s all ive got for my first post.

i hope that you have a warm and compassionate thanksgiving. friends, family, strangers all the best. theres plenty to be thankful for in this world, i sure am feeling thankful.

with love.






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