A couple weeks back I had the pleasure in performing and partaking in In The Soil Festival 2017 with the family band, as well as a performance with The Woodshed Orchestra. Thanks to everyone who came out and made memories. I think it’s been the best one yet! Thanks to the crew and band for taking time out of your busy schedules to make it happen this year.

Special moments:

  • Seeing Rheostatics live at the main stage. HOLY SHIT.
  • Performing with Dave Clark & The Woodshed Orchestra.
  • Veggie Dogs in the festival hub.
  • Courtney Dubois playing at the Band On A Couch stage

Special thanks too.. Christine Allen, Brittany Allen, Amy Liden, Mary Doust, Evan Dwinnell, Courtney Dubois, Ben Lemen, Lisa & Serge Robidas, Annie Wilson, Joe Lapinski, Dr. Pee, Merchant Ale House

Im busy at work recording the album, rented out some space at Baxter Arts Centre in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County, Ontario to do some percussion tracking. In the process of mixing and writing more guitars for the album. Looking forward to sharing it with ya’ll..

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